Our Story

Inspired by true events Amaani Foundation was established in 2020 by Shylline Bajaba (Founder) after one of her prison visits to see a loved one. She felt an urge to help people in prison become the better version of themselves – and Amaani was her answering that call.

Amaani is an African/Arabic word which means “Hope” or “Tariro”. The logo represents our core values. The hand signifies the support we provide to our beneficiaries. The multi-coloured bird signifies the diversity amongest the beneficiaries, and how their individuality contributes to a functioning system. The bird has overlapping, and imperfect..lines signifying how the we does not strive for perfection but aim to make all beneficiaries functional and holistically healthy human beings. The olive branch signifies the progress the beneficiaries would achieve upon impact with the Foundation and how they will assist their societies.

Our Mission

Protecting the fundamental need of every human being; the desire to belong

Our Vision

Improving the lives of marginalized people through inclusion, rehabilitation and investment.

Our Team

Shylline Bajaba

Shyline grew up in Zimbabwe and is currently a student in Germany. Before moving to Germany, Shyline took a gap year after high school t explore her passion. She realised she was driven to prisoners and how their worldview. Her interest lay mostly in how incarceration impacted a person’s behaviour. It was during one of her prison visits to see a loved one that Shyline felt an urge to help people in prison become the better version of themselves – and Amaani was her answering that call.Shyline is currently studying a BSc. Biochemistry and Cell Biology with a minor in BSc. Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology. She has interned as an Actuarial Analyst, Life Science Teacher and in Molecular Neuroscience Research.

Rufaro Nyoni

Rufaro graduated from United States International University-Africa in Kenya with an Honors degree in Finance with a concentration in Investment Management. Rufaro has found purpose in working with young people from low-income backgrounds helping them identify their passions and talents and link them with opportunities that can positively change their lives. Rufaro worked full-time for Education Matters and the USAP Community School as the Finance and Administration Manager. She is currently on her path to an MBA.

Isabel Masawi

Isabel Masawi is an undergraduate student at Agnes Scott College in the US. Isabel loveseverything that brings peace. Her dedication to sport is unwavering. She’s also the mosttechnologically literate in the Trustee Board - hence her input is indispensable. Her mantra is“Just breath”.

Rowland Chitsunge
Projects Co

Rowland is an accounting student at the University of Zimbabwe. He joined the team as a volunteer earlier this year. Rowland’s dedication to Amaani has seen him to the Project Assistant position where he works in the implementation of the our many projects,communication with customers and day-to-day operations. Apart from this, he loves

Our Partners