Imparting hope to Marginalized Societies

Amaani achieves this by structuring bootcamps for prisoners to address mental health issues, and by giving them social, financial and mental health support upon release to increase their chances of successful reintegration into society.


Opportunities For Ex-Convicts

Through psychological therapy and vocational training, this project train prisoners in skills that contribute to self-reliance thereby minimizing their chances of reoffending and subsequently reducing pressure on Zimbabwean’s prison resources. This phase is in the form of a bootcamp, where prisoners are imparted social and technical skills. The curriculum is designed to prepare prisoners for their re-integration into society. In this phase, female and male inmates are mixed, to mimic the real-world situation they would be joining. 

Every Women Deserves

This is a yearly campaign that aims to raise sanitary and health care products for women in prison. Most of the incarcerated women have no support structure to provide necessities like sanitary wear, soap, toothpaste etc. Most women resort to cow dung, handing down underwear and sharing toothbrushes.

News & Visits

Mothers Day at Chikurubi Female

This year we visited all the mothers at Chikurubi Female Prison

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